I usually start most working days scribbling a character to help me through the 9-5. A little oddball to journey with me. These are the 3 dudes that are hangin’ with me today.
Premier. Guru. Can’t separate them. A little WIP peek of a project I’m working on in the midnight hours.
Art for the homie Inkswel and his mixtape for BBE Records. Hosted by Muskrat, the mix is a selection BBE’s 2014 releases and should be out soon. Big fan of BBE, so am super excited to be involved with them in some small way.
Just playing. Bit of this and that. Some old gear mixed with bits from the Earlybird Soul System art I did recently. Might do some prints if anyone’s interested.
Flyer design for this Saturday night at Jack Ruby, again using bits and pieces of old illustrations.
Flyer I whipped up for a show next month. Used bits and pieces of old illustrations i’d done. Pretty happy with the result. Check the Facebook event page for details.
Old drawing from the sketchbook that I still kinda like.

kaeghoro asked: "hey, cool drawings! thnx for connecting ^^"

Thanks! Really like your drawings too. Keep on creating!

Final cover art for the REdefinition crew - Mecca:83, Buscrates 16-bit Ensemble, DistantStarr - and their “Bahia Affair” EP. You can get the digital release here was well as order the super limited 7” vinyl. Support independent music!Update: You can also get a print of the above art here.
A while back I worked with Truc at Hause on some new tee designs. Always a pleasure to collaborate with rad crew. You can get some of this fine product from their online store.
Cover art for Earlybird Soul System which is the super duo of Charli James and Inkswel. You can order it here from Rush Hour Records.
Cover art for the homie Inkswel for his new project with Uglydrums on Cityfly. Featuring vocals by Charli James - Uglyink is out now. Check that clear vinyl! Listen here.
Little sneaky snap of what i’m working on for tomorrow night’s ‘Lowered Brows’ show at Light Square Gallery. Event info here.
An idea.
Sketchbook meandering.